A message from our President

Welcome USCA Membership

I would like to welcome all members to the Website. Hopefully it will be a useful tool and source of information for our members. Our Association represents the Ranks of Assistant Chief and Deputy Chief in the New York City Department of Sanitation. Our goal is to improve the benefits and lives of our members and to help the Department in the continued goal of providing the best quality of life for all New Yorkers and the many visitors that travel to our incredible city. We don’t take the responsibility lightly and consider it a privilege to represent The Chiefs Association. We will do our best to represent and continue to promote and advocate for our members.

Respectfully yours,
Ignazio Azzara President,
Uniformed Sanitation Chiefs Association

Latest news

June 16, 2023

Mayor Adams, OLR Commissioner Campion Announce Tentative Contract Agreement with Uniformed Officers Coalition

February 9, 2023

Mayor Adams plows ahead with plan to privatize health benefits for 250,000 NYC municipal retirees

https://gothamist.com/news/mayor-adams-plows-ahead-with-plan-to-privatize-health-benefits-for-250000-nyc-municipal-retirees New York City Mayor Eric Adams is showing no signs of stopping an already-delayed plan to switch 250,000 retired municipal workers from traditional Medicare to a private Medicare Advantage plan – with or without the cooperation of the City Council or the support of retirees themselves. The city has proposed allowing retirees to keep their current benefits for a large fee ($191 per month), but the way things are going, that may not end up being an option. This proposed switch was supposed to take effect a year ago in January 2022 — but has faced stiff opposition. Meanwhile, some of those critics are urging the city to establish a panel of stakeholders to come up with alternative ways to achieve the $600 million savings that this Medicare Advantage switch is supposed to deliver. Medicare Advantage plans, which shift seniors’ benefits to health plans administered by private insurance companies, have become increasingly popular […]